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Organic Day

Did you know that

In February 1988, Danes were able to buy cartons with organic milk for the first time. The organic dairy co-operative Naturmælk came first – and Thise Dairy followed already the following day.

Approximately every three litres of milk being sold in Denmark is organic.The sale of organic products in Denmark has increased for more than 10 consecutive years. Half of the Danish population buys organic products every week.

In 1987, Denmark was the first country to implement a state-controlled organic label: The red ‘Ø’.

The Danish, state-controlled label for organic products, the Ø label, is known by 100% and is trusted by 81% of all Danes.

Danish exports of organic products have set a record for 10 years in a row. Organic dairy products and eggs are the biggest Danish organic export products.

The sale of organic products to Danish commercial kitchens (e.g. restaurants, cafés, canteens and institutions) has more than tri-pled in five years. The kitchens primarily buy organic dairy products.

“It’s the best time of the year. The cows never disappoint – they jump and they dance for joy – and we want to share that with others. We want to emphasise that you can be certain to get milk from cows that spent their summer in the pasture when you buy organic milk,”
- Per Thomasen, Organic Day host and owner of the farm Bækkenstoft.

Organic Day

Organic Day is a festive occasion! An overwhelming number of Danes bring their entire family to the countryside each year on a specific Sunday in April. They help welcome the organic cows out into the open air for the first time after a long winter spent in the cowshed. The highlight of the day happens at noon when the organic farmer opens the doors to the many playful cows, eager to greet spring and freedom. Amid loud cheering from the many onlookers, the cows run, jump and dance on their way to the green pasture. Organic Day is much more than the cows celebrat-ing spring; through the years, it has become a day for the Danes to also celebrate spring. It is the biggest national organic event, currently attracting close to 250,000 Danes

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What are we celebrating?

Organics and animal welfare are close to the heart of the Danes. We have been paving the way for organics for more than 25 years, and we are proud that Den-mark is the world’s leading organic nation. Organic products currently account for 10% of total food sales in Denmark. Approximately 80 organic farmers across the entire country open up their farms for Organic Day each year, and the event attracts many people. There are fun and educational activities for children as well as adults. At the farm, visitors can personally witness the difference they help make for cows and nature when they choose organic dairy products from the refrigerated counter.



The purpose of Organic Day is to give visitors an experience of organics that they can feel and will remember. Organic Day is a good example of how Organic Denmark is determined to create consumer involvement, insight into and commitment to organics through events. Organic Day allows visitors to experience how organic cows thrive, and once you have seen the playful cows dance in the fresh spring air on Organic Day, you will have no doubt that this is where they belong.All organic cows are in the pasture from mid-April to 1 November. Here they can display their natural behaviour in the open air while eating fresh grass in the pasture and getting lots of exercise.

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The message on Organic Day

If you choose organic milk, you help set the cows free.If you choose organic milk, you can feel confi-dent that the milk you drink is from farms that do not use fertilisers, pesticides or GMOs.For the same reason, you help protect the groundwater when you choose organic milk. Organic agriculture nurtures a more abundant and diverse population of plants and insects. There are 30% more wild plants and animals on average in and around the organic fields.


History and background

The first Organic Day was held in 2005 with 10,000 visitors. Since then, more than 1,200,000 people have visited the farms to be a part of letting the organic cows out on the fresh grass. Organic Denmark is in charge of Organic Day, which is organised in close cooperation with the organic farmers and the dairies receiving the farmers’ organic milk.There are a total of approx. 570,000 dairy cows in Denmark. 56,000 of these are organic, and only the organic cows can be certain to get out of their cowsheds during the summer months.

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Who we are

Organic Denmark is working for a world that thinks and acts organically – for the benefit of people, animals and our Earth. Organic Denmark is a non-profit organisation that has members among organic farmers, companies and consum-ers. Together, we are paving the way for more and improved organics – with new solutions, cooper-ation and a significant safeguarding of interests

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